Adventurous Life

10 Jul , 2015  


I left this world seeking an adventurous life
I found life seeking adventure.

so many ways to overcomplicate
the simplicity of living
seeking a dream that is already alive

the spirit lies within
behind the eyes,
a soul that sees through the shadowy veil
to a community of living
that pervades all we see
I have been a boy skipping rocks on the river
Now I live as a man skipping rocks on the river

you have to fight for your Peter Pan
finding the strength within yourself
to defend boyish wonderment
to believe in dreams and dream freely

again I find myself beside a river
finding the words of my spirit
to yawp the bellows of my soul
into the thinning air of mountains
hoping my broadcast of dreams
finds the hearts of those searching
an endeavour in life

to seek the reality I was not given
This is me
and i will share it’s stories
but you must take your own steps


This is evernote to blog test

8 Jul , 2015  


lets see how well this thing works for creating a blog post right in Evernote


Testing the blog world

8 Jul , 2015  


this is where i am going to write the blogo content

lets see how this publishes


Kuru Eats it on the Lochsa River

21 Feb , 2015  

lochsa falls


Kuru and fellow Smashed Assholes take on the mighty Lochsa river with a few new freestyle river tricks. Raft Varial maybe?



Da Dirty Dash (VodkaSki Style)

21 Feb , 2015  

dirty dash

The Big Sky VodkaSki Crew takes on the Dirty Dash. Hot pants and beer soaked mud. Time to catch Kuru ridin Dirty!



Mexico 2007

21 Feb , 2015  


In the spring of 2007 the Moonlight Basin Vodkaski crew invaded Baja Mexico to thaw out from a long winter but the shenanigans never stop.

[foogallery id=”249″]


Hello world!

21 Feb , 2015  

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!